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Lightweight API to deploy on the machine distributing the test on a redis connection


hookworker-api [-h] [-p PORT] [-d DOMAIN] [-g DEBUG] [-s SECRET] [-n] [-o PATH] [-e LEVEL] [-r REDIS] [-w]

Parameter / Syntax Description Concerns
-p PORT, –port PORT Port to use to run the API Redis
-g DEBUG, –debug DEBUG Debug mode for the API API
-s SECRET, –secret SECRET Secret used to secure data exchanges in Hook API
-o PATH, –path PATH Path to use for storing logs API
-e LEVEL, –level LEVEL Level of logging API
-r REDIS, –redis REDIS Redis address Redis
-w WORKER, –workers Number of workers to use for HookTest API
-g GIT, –git Path where you would like to do the cloning API
-h, –help show this help message and exit  
-q, –rq Run the worker Redis
-a, –api Run the api API